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Amped Aerial uses drones to take multiple thermal and RGB images of a site or an asset then using high-powered processing uses Photogrammetry to stitch the images into 2D and 3D models and orthomosaics. We call this drone 3D modeling and mapping.

We use several applications to collect data including the latest Autonomous flight systems with close proximity data collection. Many uses include

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Inspection
  • Real Estate
  • 3D Asset modeling
  • Energy
  • Thermal Imaging

We can acquire the data quickly and efficiently oftentimes not disturbing work in progress and deliver high quality Orthomosaics, Topographic maps, and 3D models. Quickly turning around the project to save your business time and money.

3D Models

Amped Aerial provides the latest technology including Skydio 3D Scan using Autonomous Inspection Data capture.

What takes days with ground inspections can be done in hours with a drone. Streamlining your company’s inspection needs, Amped Aerial can provide high quality imaging and reports saving time, money and most of all safety.

Elevation models and Digital Terrain Models

Digital Terrain Elevation models are used to map the earth’s surface without structures and vegetation.  We produce 2D and 3D Models using aerial imaging to produce highly detailed topographical maps that can be used to calculate distance, area and volume. Many uses and applications include

  • Landscape modeling
  • Flood and drainage modeling
  • City and Visual modeling
  • Elevation
  • Geography

Orthomosaic Imaging

High resolution images that are stitched together of an area into one image called a GeoTIFF. Orthomosaic can be used to measure true distances, volumes and visual perspectives. Used in Real Estate, construction, agriculture and many other uses. This is the most common deliverable in the industry.

Plant Health NDVI & NIR

Amped Aerial is revolutionizing field operations with agricultural drone services. Multispectral drone sensors capture up to 6 spectrums of light to identify subtle contrast or changes in the color of spectral imagery using NDVI and NDRE maps. We can providecritical insights into the health of a field and can better inform in-season management decisions.


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