Drone Aerial Roof Inspection

Drone Aerial Roof Inspections

Roof Inspection Services - Revolutionizing Inspections with Drone Technology

The advent of drone technology has revolutionized the inspection industry, enabling faster, safer, and more cost-effective inspections. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors can capture detailed images and data of structures and assets, such as roofs, bridges, and power lines, from a safe distance.

Drones have also enabled access to areas that were previously difficult or impossible to inspect, such as rooftops, high-rise buildings, and other elevated structures. The use of drones in the inspection industry has increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved safety for workers and the public.

  • Drone Inspections: UAVs provide high-resolution roof imagery to detect cracks, leaks, and damage.
  • Safe and Accessible: Drones safely access difficult roofs, eliminating the need for hazardous manual checks.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Quicker and more economical than traditional roof inspection methods.
  • Certified Operators: Only trained, certified drone pilots carry out inspections, ensuring compliance and safety.
  • Maintenance Support: Drone assessments complement regular professional roof maintenance, not replace it.
  • Compliance with Regulations: In some cases regular roof inspections may be required by law or insurance policies.

Drone Aerial Roof Inspection Report

We provide ultra-accurate roof inspection data and imagery with a quick turn-around time. The report is supplied in PDF format, as well as 3D models for use in your workflow.

Many roof measurement options are available depending on your needs:

  • Property overview
  • Surfaces
  • Perimeter pitch and surface area
  • Edge measurements of all surface areas
  • Edge types and summary
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Drone inspection - Residential roof inspection saves time, reduces risk of injury damage analysis

Problems Solved by Drone-based Roof Inspections

Safety concerns

  • Eliminating the need for climbing ladders or walking on roofs
  • Reducing risk of falls or other accidents

Time and cost efficiency

  • Faster inspections with less manpower
  • Reduced labor and insurance costs

Accessibility and accuracy

  • Accessing hard-to-reach areas
  • High-resolution imaging for detailed analysis

Minimizing disruptions

  • Quieter and less intrusive inspections
  • Minimal impact on property occupants

Benefits of Drone-based Roof Inspections

Enhanced data and analytics

  • Comprehensive aerial imagery
  • Digital surface models and 3D mapping
  • Infrared thermography for detecting heat loss or moisture issues


Improved decision-making

  • Accurate data for better maintenance planning
  • Early detection of potential issues
  • Asset management and insurance claim assistance


Environmentally friendly

  • Lower carbon footprint compared to traditional inspection methods
  • Minimized waste generation through targeted repairs

Our Service Offerings and Deliverables

Customized inspection packages

  • One-time, seasonal, or annual inspection options
  • Specialized packages for various building types


Expert drone pilots and data analysts

  • Certified and experienced professionals

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction


Comprehensive inspection reports

  • High-resolution aerial images and videos
  • Detailed findings and recommendations
  • 3D models and infrared data (if applicable)


Support and consultation

  • Assistance in understanding inspection data
  • Guidance on maintenance and repair planning
  • Ongoing customer support for follow-up inspections or questions


Testimonials and case studies

  • Success stories from satisfied clients
  • Real-life examples of problems solved by drone-based roof inspections


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