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Solar Drone Inspections

Many industries are beginning to use drones to dramatically improve their workload. The solar industry has seen a rise in using drones for solar panel inspection for the past few years now. Drones are more efficient, cost-effective and safer for solar energy panel installations and inspections.

With thermal imagery and 3D mapping, drones can maximize optimal placement of solar panels for the most energy production. This grants a complete view of workflow data and provides in depth analytics for well-informed decisions. Using drones will become the norm for all energy inspections for its efficiency.

Oil and Gas Drone Inspections

Drones provide cost-effective inspections in the oil and gas industry. We use drones equipped with thermal imaging and high resolution sensors to collect data and generate reports. Current methods of inspection can be unsafe and time consuming. Drone inspections cut down on time, cost and are much safer.

Utility Drone Inspections

Previous to drone technology, helicopters or industrial climbers would have to perform inspections on power lines. Not only would this pose a risk to employees, it was also a much slower and costly process.

With high quality imagery, operators can assess the condition of power lines, to prevent damage and potential outages from occurring. A drone performing routine and regular inspections with pre-programmed waypoints can also provide high quality imagery from optimal perspectives, and give operators a detailed analysis of any malfunctions.

With a thermal enabled aerial platform, you can reduce risk to personnel, significantly lower thermal inspection costs and complete surveys within minutes instead of hours. The need for traditional methods like manual inspection is dangerous, which is why drones are becoming the smartest solution for powerline inspection.


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