Drone Agriculture Services

Precision Agriculture Drone Services

Our company, Amped Aerial, leverages advanced drone technology to enhance agricultural productivity. Our drones, equipped with high-resolution cameras and various sensors, collect critical data on crop health and soil conditions.

We use this information to generate detailed field maps and real-time analytics, aiding farmers in making key decisions for irrigation and fertilization, thereby optimizing crop yield. Our services include RGB, Thermal IR, and NDVI imaging for comprehensive, season-long insights

There are a number of ways that drones can be used in agriculture to improve efficiency and optimize crop production. Some common methods include:

Crop scouting

Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors can quickly survey fields and identify areas that may require attention, such as pests, weeds, or diseases.

Precision mapping

Drones can create detailed maps of fields, providing farmers with accurate information about soil conditions, crop health, and other important factors that can impact crop yield.

Crop dusting and spraying

Drones can be used to apply fertilizers and other chemicals to crops in a precise manner, reducing the amount of chemicals needed and minimizing the risk of overspray.

Irrigation management

Drones can be used to monitor soil moisture levels and identify areas that may need additional irrigation, helping farmers optimize their water usage.

Seed planting

Drones can be used to plant seeds in a precise and efficient manner, reducing the need for manual labor and improving crop establishment.

Livestock monitoring

Drones can be used to monitor livestock and identify any potential issues, such as illness or injury.

Disaster response

In the event of a natural disaster, drones can be used to assess damage and identify areas that may need assistance.

Thermal Imaging

The use of drones and infrared sensors has led Amped Aerial to offer high quality radiometric imagery to many industries. Identifying anomalies in temperature variations can help identify problems early, saving your business time and money. We offer high quality processed radiometric imagery and maps. 

Uses of drones in agriculture include

Water Conservation

Using drone maps, digital surface models, and terrain models for irrigation and drainage management. Multispectral data and Thermal imaging can also help identify irrigation leaks or areas that need more water. Water conservation is more important now than ever and Amped Aerial can help provide your business with water saving solutions.


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