Get the Birds Eye View: 5 Reasons to Opt for Professional Drone Services

professional drone services

The days of grainy cell phone pictures and waiting around on the photo developing process are long over. These days, people shoot entire films using smartphones.

You can pick up entry-level DSLR cameras with 24 megapixels for less than a grand and shoot high-def pictures.

Of course, all of that quality also makes it a lot harder to differentiate yourself online. In the face of all of that, many people now use drone photography.

The question becomes, will you try to DIY it or go for professional drone services? If you’re on the fence about using a professional drone service, keep reading for five reasons why a pro service is the way to go.

1. Unique View

A big part of the appeal of drone photography and drone video is that it provides a unique view of a property. Most property owners rarely get a chance to see their property from above. It’s even rarer than a potential property buyer gets to see a property from that perspective.

For property owners, that aerial view can help them decide on where a new building should go. It can also give them a unique view of the roof, which can reveal problems. Finding those problems early gives you a chance to resolve roof issues before they turn into roof catastrophes.

Property buyers get a whole new idea of the spacial relationships between aspects of the property.

Even farmers can benefit from drone photography. That view from the air can expose crop problems before they get out of hand, potentially saving farmers a lot of money in crop losses.

The advantage of aerial drone professional services is that the service will ensure that you get full coverage of the area you want to see. DIY attempts often fall short in getting that complete coverage.

2. Quality

For all the power that technology gives us over images, you must still start with a fairly high-quality image to turn it into a great image. Unlike a phone that you can hold still or a DSLR or mirrorless camera that you can put on a tripod, drones move around.

Getting imagery from a drone is a bit like getting imagery from a moving car. Sure, it’s achievable with some luck and the right shutter speed. It’s also very difficult without a lot of practice and preparation.

Getting quality imagery from a drone also takes a lot of practice and the right preparation. For example, you need the right camera on the drone. You also need a bit of intuition and instruction on photography to know how to get a good shot.

Yes, you can buy a drone with a camera and practice with it, but expect a steep learning curve to get the quality you want. Professional drone photography services already have that equipment and practice under their belt. You get the quality you want without the learning curve.

3. Saves Time

One thing that most people lack an abundance of is time. Beyond the difficulty of mastering new skills like drone piloting and drone photography, there is the time investment. While you may not need 10,000 hours to get up to a decent level of proficiency, you probably can’t do it in a few weeks.

That means you must start your learning process well in advance of when you think you’ll need drone photography. It also means you must stick with it to keep your skills sharp. As most people learn the hard way, most skills prove perishable when you don’t use them.

It also means you don’t spend your precious free time mastering a skill you won’t necessarily use more than once or twice. That’s time you can invest in your business, family life, or a different skill you’d rather learn.

Turning to a professional drone service spares you the time investment in learning how to pilot your drone and take good pictures with your drone.

4. Marketing

Drone images make excellent marketing collateral. For example, let’s say that you operate an apple orchard.

In the fall, you harvest the apples and ship most of them off to buyers. You also keep some of the apples to make apple cider.

Sure, a picture of the apple cider bottles works well enough. Imagine a video of the orchard shot from above when the apples were just getting ripe. Then, you transition from that to the image of the cider bottles.

The video adds something to your marketing that’s difficult to replicate in any other way. You get a chance to highlight the nature angle and show off the orchard when it’s thriving.

On a more basic level, you can also use drone photography as a key element in things like video tours of a workplace or facility.

Again, though, using the imagery in your marketing requires that it has professional polish. Unless you are extremely practiced with drones and drone photography, a prof service is the most direct path to that quality level.

5. Regulations

While the FAA has a fairly liberal policy in place for the recreational use of drones, the same isn’t true for commercial use. If you want to use a drone for commercial purposes, you must become a certified drone pilot under FAA Part 107.

That involves passing a test and registering your drone. Beyond that, commercial drone pilots should carry insurance in case of accidental damage to other people’s property or person.

Professional drone services will already have these and any local requirements covered.

Professional Drone Services and You

Since anyone can buy and fly a drone these days, professional drone services can look like overkill. Yet, there are many good reasons you should pick a pro.

You can generally expect a better quality of image or video from a pro service. That makes spotting problems or using the imagery for marketing much easier.

You save time on learning drone piloting and drone photography. Plus, you bypass the regulations on using drones for commercial purposes.

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